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Pediatric Chiropractic in Calgary NE

Chiropractic wellness knows no age. In addition to general chiropractic care, Memorial Drive Chiropractic and Massage is the proud home of pediatric chiropractic care, tailor-made for even the smallest members of your family.

Pediatric chiropractic care is a safe and natural approach to the present and future wellness of little ones. Learn more about how our gentle chiropractic techniques may help your child thrive.

Nurturing Wellness

Newcomers to the world deserve special attention. From birth trauma to rapid growth, a child’s body faces unique challenges that often lead to various symptoms. These symptoms include colic in infants and ear infections in school-aged children. Our pediatric chiropractic care is gentle and precise, allowing your child to heal comfortably and embrace a healthier, happier life for years to come.

Addressing Common Childhood Conditions

Today’s children face a wide array of difficulties, beginning with birth trauma and morphing into play-related injuries. While they may seem small, these factors can negatively affect their overall well-being.

Our passion lies in liberating your child’s nervous system to help them better adapt to life’s stressors. Dr. Wagemakers is here to listen to your concerns, identify the underlying source of your child’s symptoms, and provide your little one with gentle chiropractic adjustments according to their needs.

Some of the more common complaints we address include:

  • Low back pain
  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Poor sleep
  • Behavioral concerns

Our individualized chiropractic adjustments cater to each child’s unique needs, providing them with a natural, whole-body approach to healthcare.

Gentle Adjustments

Our practice specializes in gentle chiropractic adjustments suitable for children of all ages. Dr. Wagemakers relies on light-touch methods of adjusting without cracking or popping. With minimal pressure, he can relieve your child’s discomfort and promote future wellness.

Help Your Child Thrive

Early intervention is key. The younger your child begins chiropractic care, the better for their overall health. Why wait? Get started today.

Our practice welcomes you and your little loved ones to holistic wellness through pediatric chiropractic care. Be sure to contact us to learn more and schedule your child’s consultation.

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